Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Day at the Holy Hill Art Farm

The house at holy hill art farm

This past weekend I attended a show with my wares in Hubertus Wisconsin at the Holy Hill Art farm.  A charming little show with a sweet selection of artists and some flea market finds.  

The grounds of the farm and the old barn have been cleaned up and painted to house the artists and vendors who set up booth spaces to sell their wares.     

My booth space was in the lower barn which was quite charming.   The chippy white paint and rough stone walls and beam were the perfect backdrop for my shabby creations!

My Booth set up at the show

When the farm hosts their shows, they have  a wonderful selection of nummy foods and drinks and also live entertainment.  The perfect setting for a relaxing afternoon.  

  The lower barn at Holy Hill art Farm

Visit the web site to see the hours they are open and the dates of upcoming arts and crafts shows

The food vendor at the farm for the art show

 A nice stop on the way to Holy Hill Basilica. 

 If you make the trip on a weekend of one of the art shows...Maybe you will even see this guy....
Blessings on this Sunday afternoon.....

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Creations with Romantic charm, Upcycling with dimension


In the last couple years I have added to my creative wears upcycled creations.  Using found items and Vintage junk, I create unique and often one of a kind wall accents.

When I am on my treasure hunts in the thrift stores and backyard sales, I lose myself in the midst of the treasures hidden and imagine in what way my lost items can be given new life

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Story of a Creative Soul and the Love of a Grandmother

  At 1 year old I lost my Mother to the dreaded disease of cancer.  My Father was quite young and we moved in with my Grandparents during Mom's illness and after her death. My Grandmother, who was a sweet loving soul, devoted herself to her home and helping to raise me.

I loved my Grandmother dearly.  She taught me many things.  The love of nature, with her love for gardening flowers, birds and furry creatures (she loved cats). Grandma always had a big garden with never a weed to be found.  She taught me How to bake and cook. (My favorite thing was licking the bowls.) :)  First and formost, she taught me what true love and sacrifice are.

Grandma was a creative soul and she shared that love of creativity with me.  She sewed, embroidered, crocheted, drew and painted.  I had a closet full of lovely dresses which she handmade for me.  My favorite was a little gray, wool jumper.  She embroidered a bunny on the bottom which she first drew the pattern for.

Spending my days with Grandma, when I was a child, grew my desire to make and create.  I often sewed little doll clothes with a needle and thread.  My cousin and I would spend countless hours making little dresses and playing with our dolls.  We created our little wardrobes using Grandmas scraps from sewing and digging through her treasured button collection.  Those were the days...Simple and carefree....

My creativity has now turned into my business and it is what I do every day.  The saying goes "If you work doing something you love, you will never have to work another day in your life"...This is true.  No matter how much time and work I put into my creative endeavors, I enjoy every moment.  Thank you to my Grandma for planting this seed to make all things new.....

I love you Grandma!  Linda

A long time waiting....Let me introduce myself

This is the first post I have done on my blog.

I have wondered what would be the most appropriate way to start my blog.  So here it is..

Hello Friends....
Let me introduce myself....My name is Linda and I have a love of creating.   I love to take discarded and old items and materials and create something totally new!  I have a love of vintage and romantic home and this is reflected in my creations

I started my business "Cedar Creek Treasures", in 2003 when I quit an unfullfilling job working in a factory.  I have been creating gifts and home decor ever since.  Often taking my wares to Arts and Crafts shows throughout the state of Wisconsin, where I live.

I am getting use to blog world and how to use this wonderful means of introducing myself and my creative collection.  

Please bear with me as I experiment and take some time to learn and explore!


Linda K